Buddhahood (Root)

by The Buddhahood



Buddhahood (Root)
Ep release
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released December 20, 2013

Buddhahood (ROOT)
EP Studio release 12/20/2013

All Songs performed and produced by Buddhahood:

Courtney Balles - Alto sax, Vocals

Gabe Costanzo – Trumpet

Chris Di Stasio – Guitars

Paul Hansen – Congas, Triangle, Scrub Board

Paul Mastriani- Timbales and Bells

Peet Mugnolo- Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Jim Schwarz – Keyboards, Vocals

Matthew Sieber-Ford - Tenor Sax

Rick Whitney - Bass, Vocals

Production Mgr: Jenny Kleinhenz

Basic Tracks Recorded at OhmCo by Nic Marinaccio
Mix down and overdubs engineered by Jim Schwarz at “The Space”
Mastering by Matthew D. Guarnere
Cover art “Muladhara” original oil pastel by Kathleen Mugnolo
Additional graphics and layout by Peet Mugnolo
Photography by Ron Morales, Teresa Ingerham and Colleene Abair

Special thanks: Tony Cavagnaro, Jan and Jason Milliman, Kurt Haessler, Suzi Willpower, ropic.com, Frank Boehm, Robin Jaeckel, Shawn Drogan, Dan Keller, Nate Coffey, Frank DeBlase, Jeff “Woody” Woodruff, HTB Press, Scott Regan, Ludwig’s Center Stage Café, All of Our Families and Loved Ones…
Super Special Thanks to all the “Hoodlums” who come out to see us play and dance the night away.

01 Perfect Light - Tony Cavagnaro
02 (Going to See) Dr. B. – Gabe Costanzo
03 Zydeco – Gabe Costanzo / Peet Mugnolo
04 Biggie – Tony Cavagnaro
05 Freight Train – Rick Whitney




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The Buddhahood Rochester, New York

music, life, dancing! aaaah!
-Jim Schwarz - Keyboards, Tuba

-Gabe Costanzo - Trumpet

-Courtney Balles - Alto sax, Flute, Vocals

-Rick Whitney - Bass, Pointy Shaker Thing, Vocals

-Nate Coffey- Guitar, Vocals

-Pete Mugnolo- Drums, Percussion, Vocals

-Capt. David Weinberg - Stick/Hand Percussion, Frottoir

-Paul Mastriani- Stick Percussion
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Track Name: Freight Train
(Chorus)Just like a freight train rollin
You gota get on, get on
Just like a freight train rollin
You gotta get on, get on
Get on to the next horizon
You gotta go on, go on
Go on see the bright star rising
You gotta grow on, grow on

In the tunnel once again my friend
It’s a very dark place
Feels like it’s the end
But if you reach out you will see the bend
Don’t fail to make the turn now
There’s a lot to learn now

Lies and your cries and the silent good byes
There’s a lot of blame to go around
And people to despise but
The road you choose. You make your mind
Nobody else can heal you
We want to see the real you

(repeat chorus)

In the middle with no ear to lend
I say my prayers and lay back
Gotta take the day back
But we have a job to do now
No more drama no more ego
Gotta follow through now

It goes with the blows. Once a friend now a foe
Let it go. It’ll grow. Gotta reap what you sow
If you follow what you love now
You will rise above now
But you gotta let it out


The bend in the road is not the end of the road
Unless you fail to make the turn