TOASTY! Live @ the 2007 Park Avenue Festival

by The Buddhahood



The Buddhahood
TOASTY! Live at The Park Ave Festival 2007
(Live double CD)
c2007 The Buddhahood llc
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Recorded Live At Park Ave Festival 2007
on August 4th and 5th 2007
by Nic Marinaccio, OhmCo Sound and Recording

The Buddhahood – Toasty – Live at Park Ave. Fest 2007
The Park Avenue Festival is an annual event that brings artisans, musicians and craftspeople together to enjoy the essence of creativity and artistry in Rochester, NY. For The Buddhahood, Park Avenue Festival holds a special meaning. It is a time when we can pull out all the stops and take advantage of the opportunity to play all day on our own terms. We opened each day marching through the streets, in a procession to the back reaches of Hogan’s Hideaway where the scene unfolds. Fellow musicians and friends become one and share in colossal drum jams. People laughing, bodies being painted with henna, children playing with chalk and bubbles, and the crowd undulating to the infectious grooves pouring out of our collective being are what The Park Ave Fest is all about for us. Although we’ve never been a sanctioned part of the festival, for the past ten years we’ve been there, thanks to Hogan’s Hideaway. Hogan’s provides us the venue for staging our own festival-within-the-festival, allowing us to decorate the back lot, erect a stage and provide the sounds and good vibes for four nonstop hours of music on each day of the event.

This year’s theme was the final piece of what took four years to come to fruition. Beginning with Fire in 2004, subsequent themes were Water, Earth, which coincided with the release of our second studio album, Muddy Roots, and finally Air and Spirit (2007). The Buddhahood has come full circle. We sought to reflect the wind and spirit that floats our sound through curling waves of perpetual motion. This album not only represents the eclectic nature of our music and the energy of our performance, but it captures a pivotal moment in the growth of The Buddhahood as a group and as a family.

Our primary songwriter, bandleader, musical father, and great friend, Tony, had been searching for a live recording of the group that, in his opinion, truly represented what The Buddhahood is. After years of recording shows and countless hours of listening and scrutinizing Tony was finally excited about a live recording. He began by reviewing and tracking the eight-plus hours of recorded material from the weekend, isolating tracks for mixing and mastering. He accomplished a great deal of this work before he was taken from this world. We as a group decided that the completion of this project was natural and necessary to honor Tony’s life and music.

We dedicate this to Tony, his wife Jan their son Calvin. Tony’s spirit lives on in this recording, and we hope you truly enjoy this gift… and there in lies the rub.
-The Buddhahood


released November 18, 2007

Band Members:
Tony Cavagnaro - Guitar, Vocals, Jembe, Surdo
David Ferreira - Steel Drum, Baritone Sax, Vocals,
Didge, Jembe, Dumbek
Paul Hansen - Percussion, Scrub-board, Surdo
John Payton - Drum Set, Marching Snare
Gabe Costanzo - Trumpet, Vocals
Courtney Balles - Alto Sax, Flute, Vocals, Ashiko
Andrew Bellavia - Tenor Sax, Flute, Vocals
Rick Whitney - Bass, Jembe, Pointy Shaker Thing, Vocals

Guest musicians:
Peet Mugnolo- Percussion, Drum Set, Repinique, Jaw Harp
George Vidovich - Jembe

Production staff:
Kurt Haessler- road crew, stage hand, gate keeper,
green crew organizer.
Jenny Kleinhenz- sound, stage management,
all-around organization.
Nic Marinaccio - sound, recording, good vibes.
Kenny Roger- all-purpose handyman, stage construction, juggling, dancing and debauchery.

The Buddhahood would like to thank the following people for their tireless efforts in bringing the Park Avenue Festival experience together in 2007. Hogan’s Hideaway-Rochester, NY, Jenny Kleinhenz, Nic Marinaccio, Kurt Haessler, Peet Mugnolo, George and Kathy Vidovich, Teresa Ingerham, Jenn Whitney-Kivett, Kenny Roeger, Robin Jaeckel and the Henna Ladies, Linda Grossman, Amy Murphy, the Twirlers, the Dancers, the Drummers, the Chalkers, the Walkers, the Bubble Blowers and Concert Goers-the Fans that give back the vibe.
You are all beautiful! !

All songs written by Tony Cavagnaro except:
‘Care’ written by Tony Cavagnaro and Frank Boehm.
‘Nuff Respect’ written by Frank Boehm.
‘Techno’ written by Evan Stuckless.
‘Temptress Eyes’ written by Gabe Costanzo.
‘Spy Surfter’ written by Peet Mugnolo.
‘Drums’ by The Buddhahood and Friends

Album mixed By Tony Cavagnaro (Bureau of Leftovers Studio, Rochester, NY), Nic at and Jenny “lights” (Ohmco Sound and Recording). Album layout and design by Kris Barrett - Original artwork by Kris Barrett.

disc 1

1. Kaya 8:35 (8/5/07)

2. Big Fish 4:54 (8/5/07)

3. Museum 2:28 (8/4/07)

4. No Mind 8:32 (8/5/07)

5. In the End 4:09 (8/5/07)

6. Care 5:11 (8/5/07)

7. Worry Tune 4:47 (8/4/07)

8. Ecosystem 2:55 (8/5/07)

9. Spiller 4:12 (8/5/07)

10. Relax 3:33 (8/4/07)

11. Hey What’s Goin’ On / Nuff Respect 8:50 (8/5/07)

12. Rule of Law / TECHNO 12:19 (8/5/07)

disc 2
1. Home On The Ol’ Enzyme 16:46 (8/5/07)

2. Ital is Vital 6:50 (8/5/07)

3. Temptress Eyes 5:32 (8/5/07)

4. Underwear 6:04 (8/5/07)

5. Uncle Paddy 7:31 (8/5/07)

6. Purify My Mind 4:02 (8/5/07)

7. Spy Surfer 2:27 (8/5/07)

8. What’s My Crime 7:37 (8/5/07)

9. Rub The Buddha 9:19 (8/5/07)

10. Drums 8:47 (8/5/07)



all rights reserved


The Buddhahood Rochester, New York

music, life, dancing! aaaah!
-Jim Schwarz - Keyboards, Tuba

-Gabe Costanzo - Trumpet

-Courtney Balles - Alto sax, Flute, Vocals

-Rick Whitney - Bass, Pointy Shaker Thing, Vocals

-Nate Coffey- Guitar, Vocals

-Pete Mugnolo- Drums, Percussion, Vocals

-Capt. David Weinberg - Stick/Hand Percussion, Frottoir

-Paul Mastriani- Stick Percussion
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Track Name: Kaya
Now doesn’t it make you feel so good when you’re dancing?
And doesn’t it make you feel so good when you’re drinking?
And doesn’t it make you feel so good when you’re with all your friends?
And I know what makes me feel so good

Is when I’m stoned

Now doesn’t it make you feel so good when you’re sleeping?
And doesn’t it make you feel so good when you’re dreaming?
And doesn’t it make you feel so good when you’re with all your friends?
And I know what makes me feel so good

Is when I’m stoned

All you need is Kaya
And roots for your toots

Now doesn’t it make you feel so good when you’re happy?
And doesn’t it make you feel so good when you
Scratch that itch?
And doesn’t it make you feel so good when you’re
with all your friends?
And I know what makes me feel so good

Is when I’m stoned

All you need is Kaya
And roots for your toots
Track Name: Purify My Mind
I come from love
I live with love
I speak of love
And I will leave with love
Each day I try to learn
Each day I understand more
I have so much work to do
To purify my mind
Each day I think of people to thank
Not of those who own me
(Understand) we live now and learn from then
I want to purify my mind
One can’t have a better past
We can plan for the future
(Each day) if we spread love
We purify our minds
Thank you brother, thank you sister
Thank you mother, thank you teacher
Thank you father, thank you neighbor
Thank you child, thank you lover
Thank you air, thank you fire
Thank you earth, thank you water
Thank you spirit, thank you mother
Thank you father, thank you lover